Do I have to download and install client software on my server to use your monitoring service?


Is there a set up fee to open a monitoring service account?

No, you may use our free account at no cost.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes but right now we do not offer refunds.

Is there a cancellation fee?


What exactly is being checked and monitored?

We are testing for email flow. We send an email to your server every x minutes and wait to see if that email is forwarded back to our system. If we do not receive that reply we know there is a problem and will alert you.

What needs to be setup on my server?

All you need to setup is a new mailbox and an auto-forward.

How do I setup forwarding for my exchange server?

1. Open Outlook Web Access for the newly created mailbox. Use Internet Explorer and make sure you not using the light version of OWA (light version does not allow you to create rules).

2. Create an Outlook rule with the following settings: IF subject contains “mxalerts” THEN forward to inbound@mxalerts.com

Do not setup forwarding on the Exchange server. For explanation see here.

Why is forwarding via Outlook rule ideal?

During testing we origionally setup the forwarding on the Exchange Server level (in active directory or the Exchange Management Console) This seemed to be working fine.

After some testing we noticed that even when the mailbox store was dismounted emails went through and all the tests passed. This didnt make sense. How could email go through when the mailbox store is dismounted. After further investigation we realized that on 2007 and 2010 exchange servers a mailbox store can become dismounted and emails would still get forwarded out because they are forwarded at the hub level and never need to reach the mailbox store.

A resolution to this is to setup forwarding from within Outlook or Outlook Web Access. This way the probe email will only get returned if the mailbox store is online, giving accurate results.

How do I setup Geckoboard?

Coming soon.


Can alerts be sent to my phone?

Yes, most cell phones these days have an e-mail address to which a text message can be sent. This varies depending on the cell phone provider.

Click here to see the configuration for your phone provider.

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