MXAlerts is compatible with just about every email server or service out there, including Exchange, Notes, Sendmail, Kerio, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and everything else we’ve thrown at it so far. This is because the requirements are any email server which can send, receive, and forward email.


Create a test mailbox, such as Set that mailbox to forward all emails it receives to

Exchange Server forwarding via Outlook rule is ideal. Why (see question #9 in FAQ)? By default Exchange 2010+ disables forwards via Outlook rules. To fix see question #3 in our troubleshooting tips.

Gmail/Google Apps forwarding: When you add a forwarding contact (, gmail will send an email with a verification code to that address. Our system will automatically forward that verification code back to your gmail account so you can enter the code. Please wait a minute or two to receive that email.

icon-letter2. UPDATE SPAM FILTER

Add the following domains to your spam filter whitelist:,,,, and  (if your spam filter whitelist allows IP addresses)

icon-monitor3. ACCOUNT LOGIN

Login to your MXAlerts account (if you don’t have one, sign up).

icon-email4. Add Monitor to MXAlerts Profile

Click the Add Server tab. Configure the server to be monitored. In the probe email field, user the email address you setup in step #1 above.

icon-globe5. Test Server

Click Test Server, which will do a full round-trip test. Once it completes, click next and you’re all set.

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